We're Putting Landfills Out of Business

Products made with PLUSfoam can be recycled infinitely. Recycle your PLUS product today and get a discount towards your next purchase.

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100% Recyclable
We offer a true closed loop solution to manufacturers, brands and consumers seeking a smaller footprint.

Performance Minded
PLUSfoam can be used as environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional foams, rubbers and plastics.

Worldwide Recycling
We've built the only digital consumer product portal that supports recycling PLUSfoam products worldwide.

Our support team is available to help you 24x7. Get questions answered in minutes – no need to wait.

Proudly A Certified B Corporation

For sustainable businesses like PLUSfoam, B Corp certification is a public declaration of the values and systems that underpin our entire business.Becoming the first materials company in the world to be a Certified B Corporation further highlights PLUSfoam’s innovative business model and unique company culture.


Reduce Your Manufacturing Impact

With traditional materials, post-manufacturing scrap is incinerated or pushed into landfill. With PLUSfoam, it’s recycled at the factory and used for new production. Virgin PLUSfoam is manufactured and any fallout is mixed back in immediately. Additionally, if there is any post-manufacturing scrap, it too is reprocessed and reused on the spot.

Market Directly to Green Consumers

Our in-house design and marketing team works with our brand partners to craft consumer reclaim incentives, industry press releases, trade show marketing materials and much more. We also coach our partners on how to explain PLUSfoam and its unique recyclability properties to consumers, reps and retailers.

When your Manduka sandals wear out, send them back to us and we'll recycle them into another yoga product! #LiveON youtu.be/C-njgQ3bCRY
We are excited to announce our partnership w/ PLUSfoam! Our sandals will be 100% recycled material. Saving the planet one slippah at a time!
We love flip-flops as much as the next person. But not their end of life waste. @Patagonia’s found a new, fully reyclable... fb.me/2vWDXTmnF
Just got our first pair back for recycling after 6-months of hard wear from a guide. #PLUSfoam #RecycleSazzi instagr.am/p/UZWc4zHjsG/

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